Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shout outs

I love looking at my city and state gadget to see who is looking at my blog.
So here are my guesses:
MO--Hiya Susan!
MD--Thanks for the message back, Angie :)
FL-Hi Melissa
Barrington could be anyone including my Nottingham buddies (since I come up as Newmarket)

But I still can't figure out VT. So come out and say hello, please! I am happy that anyone is looking at my blog even if i dont 'know' you! But maybe I do!

Korey says though that my counter isnt accurate since he comes up as Sudbury.


Sarah said...

Everytime I visit it says Barrington :) I may have to add that live traffic feed thingy.

Susan Beebe said...

Hi to you too!! :-) It's weird that I show up as being in "Drexel, MO". That's actually further south, but still in the sticks! LOVE your blog and the stuff you put on here. It's fun to check it and see what's new! I'm thankful that I met you at Liberty too, even though you did eat a lot of my snacks! haha