Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 8-A place you've traveled to

Hmm, a place I have been...Let's start with the places I haven't been first...I haven't been overseas. I would love to go to Italy, Ireland, Spain and probably so many others. Oh, Australia! And I would love to do a safari ride in Africa--how amazing to see all the wild animals.

I have been to several states in USA, Mexico and Canada and then the few places we stopped on our cruise.

So I will talk about this....on our honeymoon cruise, there were several other honeymooners too. We happened to meet one couple in Jamaica while we were waiting around to swim with the dolphins after it rained. Apparently we couldn't go right into the water after that...I was really worried our time there would end without us being able to swim with the dolphins at all so I was hanging out right by the gate to form a line...well Angie had the same idea. So we got to talking...she and Kenneth were married on September 27 as well. We eventually got to swim with the dolphins and it was really really cool. Something I remember very fondly...and also because we got to meet a great couple. Angie and I have stayed in touch since 2003 now and when I announced I was prego with Baby 2 and 3, she announced she was as well. Our families got to meet up this summer again. What fun...and all because it rained on our honeymoon trip!

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Angie said...

AWWWWWW!!!! it was so great meeting you guys and even greater that we have some kids so close together, especially Mali and Patrick (a few days apart). I'm glad it rained :) and we even hang out after that point too! We are considering baby #3 so I guess that means you will have baby #4! WOOHOO!!!!! :) You guys have to arrange some long time babysitting so you can join us on the next cruise or either consider doing Disney with us!

So glad we met and even gladder (not a real word) that we kept in touch! Mali asked about you guys often!