Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 9-A picture of your friends

(above) Hello Karen and Keena---at Korey's surprise bday party! My Nottingham buddies! I am missing other Nottingham friends like Kelley, Justine and others :) It is great to live in a town and meet people that have kids my kids' ages but more importantly women I actually want to talk to as well! I am also missing a picture of my good buddy Sarah...we have been friends since high school, then college, then Liberty and now we live close to each other!

(below) Well of course some of my bestest buds were in my favorite cousin LeeAnn, my favorite sister Pamela, my favorite Liberty gals: Stacey and Susan! I remember growing up that our grandmother Nonna would dress LeeAnn and I in the same mom said that Pamela and I would be good friends and surprisingly we are! I am so thankful that I worked at Liberty and met Stacey and Susan....Susan would bring extra snacks to share with me. I love that Stacey and Susan and I have stayed in touch over the years.

Here is my buddy Michelle...we have known each other since Summer 96 when we worked at a factory in Laconia together. I dont get to see her as much now but I love when we get together.

Pictures of my friends....this was a bit time I hope you enjoyed!


Melissa said...

You worked at Liberty Mutual? Where? I worked at Liberty in Dover from 1989-1996 just before my daughter was born - when they were still downtown in the old mill building. I worked in Claims...Worker's Compensation for most of that time. Small world.

Stacey said...

awwww. I am just reading your blog posts now, and this one is sweet. :) I miss you and Susan!