Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Alphabet Tag

The Letter "E"
26 Things Tag

My letter is E and it is for 'ears' like Mickey Mouse Ears. We are going in October with Korey's parents and she gave them the ears that Korey's family got when they all went 20 years ago. T'he kids love them and can't wait to get their own!

Here is a fun challenge that Katie started called 26 Things. The idea is to take one picture for each letter of the alphabet through a game of blog-tag.

Here are the rules/directions:

1. If you are tagged, you are responsible for taking 1 picture of an item that begins with your letter. Be creative! Anything goes.

2. Post the picture on your blog.

3. Tag someone new with the next letter of the alphabet.

4. Since there are 26 letters, someone may be tagged multiple times. That is perfectly fine, but try to spread the love if you can.

5. If someone doesn't want to play, they should pass. Tag someone else in their place.
****So the person that I tag is LeeAnn so hop to, Miss LA (http://labytheway.blogspot.com/) and any of the folks on my list are fair game for LA to pick!!! haha


Katie said...

i like it!

i take it you got your computer back...apparently they didn't kick you out of the library yet either.


jackie said...

Love the ears!

Ken said...

Just remember, all you have to do is pay for my airfare and hotel and you can get on all the rides first, no waiting. Disabled is the only way to go!!!!

By the way, tell Korey I'll make a deal with him. For every shipment of Devil Dogs and Coffee cakes he sends me, I'll send him a shipment of Mello Yello.

LeeAnn said...

My Kenny is a funny one... hahahahahahaha He likes the Drakes coffee cakes too.. So we have Funny Bones, drakes devil dogs, coffee cakes and some kinda tasty cake that is a peanut butter... whatever... hahahahahhahaahhahha I hope that you are having a great day!

LeeAnn said...

I want another Poll!!!!!