Monday, August 11, 2008


Who has been watching the Olympics? I missed the opening ceremony but I heard that the fireworks they showed were fake anyway! Crazy!
I love the gymnastics and the swimming is fun to watch too. How old do you think the Chinese gymnasts, they look like they could have been 10-12.
I saw what looked like 'soccer played in the water' yesterday but they called it water polo. I just wonder how the team is chosen and who says 'I would like to win a gold medal in the Olympics for water polo' because to me it seems like something that people don't really practice for or play.
Off to Lowe's for ceiling fans for the attic and assorted stuff from Walmart!


Lorraine said...

update: i got my fans and they look great. the rooms are almost all painted for the trim. yippee! carpet on friday!

Mary said...

Hi, my tag never did it so you are now tagged!

LeeAnn said...

How are fireworks fake?

Katie said...

i have been watching the gymnastics em! and swimming. derek loves beach volleyball. gee i wonder why? do they really need to wear bikinis? what is the function?

you could do an olympic theme poll.

Katie said...

i'm waiting for your alphabet tag...let's get this thing back on!

Keena said...

Did you catch the piece on GMA about the possible age of the Chinese girls? A forensic specialist was saying that they are definitely NOT 16 (the min age)...interesting.

Can't wait to see the attic all finished:)

Sarah said...

Very interesting on the chinese gymnasts. They did not look 16 to me!!

I do have to say I am enjoying swimming this year - Michael Phelps is so much fun to watch. How awesome was that relay race the other night??

jackie said...

I did not catch the water polo - I hear it is a difficult sport to play - but I did watch some of the men's synchronized diving. Those divers are certainly in good shape. Amazing what they can do!

Anonymous said...

the girls actually turned out to be 12! haha what a smarty