Friday, August 15, 2008

I hate Circuit City

Well well well, my computer has been back to CC April, June and Aug. They only have a record of April and August even though June's visit required a new hard-drive as well as April's.
I can't believe how I am being completely jerked around. I feel like I am the big loser in the HP/CC warranty pass-off game.

Now the asst mgr has guaranteed me a new computer the next time it comes in with a hardware issue. He said he even wrote it down in the notes (because of course since June's issue magically disappeared, I asked how I could be certain).

I am so disappointed that such a thoughtful Christmas present from my husband has turned into a nightmare. And by the time I get my computer back, at least 2 weeks will have passed....all for the replacement of 2 letters on the keyboard. I should have glued the suckers back on myself.

Have a nice weekend, all!


Sarah said...

Circuit City sucks (so does Best Buy, BTW). Sorry about your computer - I miss seeing you online!! Hopefully it will be back again soon.

Cassie said...

I'm visiting my parents, but will try to get an 'h' pic soon. I like the blogroll on the side. How did you set that up?

jackie said...

Sorry to hear that the computer is still acting up! How frustrating!