Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am a nice Nottingham girl

Read my title line again....who knew that could get you out of a speeding ticket??

Well, actually I KNEW since I have used it twice now ;0)
yeah me! And it was pretty funny how Patrick was making the sound of a siren...which the nice police officer had to use for me to finally realize he was behind me. When I heard it, I pulled over immediately as I thought there must be 'some emergency' he was getting to....little did I know it was ME he was interested in pulling over. Whoops!

Got our first character supper for Disney booked today! I will be booking more later this week. Did I mention we have our airline and house booked for our Oct trip :) Exciting! AJ asks me everyday if we are going 'tomorrow'

So happy to have my laptop back! Pictures tomorrow I hope....I still have to put all my old computer stuff back on this.


Mary said...

Slow the hell down!

The Snows said...

No shame! Did you get a little teary eyed too? That always helps me out....