Saturday, April 28, 2012

What's New in the Life of the F5

It's been a while since I updated my blog...I need to do this more often! But I will give a quick update:

  • I have a second part-time job! I am doing inside sales from the luxury of my great room couch. So Far, So Good.  I may not be paying the big bills but I am paying for the flights to Disney
  • Oh, did i just say DISNEY? That's right, the F5 are going back to Disney in the fall. I am very excited to be going with at least one cousin and family. I hope it's two cousins and families but that hasn't been decided yet! 
  • In the past couple of months, I went on two fun scrap crops. It was great to get away and be all sorts of crafty and be without kids!!! 
  • As a family, we just to Burlington VT for a night at a Marriott hotel (we love our points and we love free nights!)  It was really fun going to Ben and Jerry's factory, ECHO museum (we got in free which was also great) and cider donuts!  I also loved going to MAC makeup both days *and* this week while I was in Burlington MA mall! Go me, go makeup!
  • Our oldest son is a GREEN belt in karate. He loves it and is continuing to go twice a week. This is his fourth belt.  He is also making his first communion in a couple of weeks.
  • Our middle son is doing tball again this year. We were surprised when he asked to be on a team and luckily we were able to get him onto a team late....better late than never! It's with one of his best buddies so I know it will go well. 
  • Our youngest son will begin preschool in .... two days! He will be going three days a week. I can't believe it but I know he is going to love it. He even got a Lightning McQueen lunchbox to make his first day more special. 
  • And no, folks...that does NOT mean I have no kids for any part of the day. Alas, youngest son has am preschool and middle son has afternoon kindergarten. (This is where there was a comment about school, full-day K, school addition, school voting but it was removed for potential reelection purposes!)
  • I crack myself up!!! 
 TV Talk...who is watching GCB? I am almost all caught up and I am loving it! Who is watching Once Upon a Time? These are my two top favorites for new shows this season.  You know what that means, right? They are *sure* be cancelled!  

Book Talk...who is reading 50 Shades of Grey? Well since *everyone* is reading them, I might have to give them a whirl!

That's it!  Now leave me some comments! Show me some love!

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shannon said...

Busy girl! Loving GCB myself. Better not get cancelled! Have 50 Shades of Grey on my Kindle, but haven't started it yet. Boo.