Monday, April 30, 2012

Love a productive day!

My 'baby' went to preschool today and loved it!
My middle baby and I went to grocery store and had a great time just hanging out the two of us. It's not often we can do that. I love his funny stories and his cuteness.

The productive day continues...swept and washed floors while laundry is cooking and now I am off to plant some flowers before I make some phone calls for my job. I wanted to get only perennials so I wouldn't have to plant every year however I love the look of the pretty pink flowers that were only annuals. The name escaped me till just now--azaleas I believe.  I got three different pinks and you should all know how much I love pink! So I am going to plan some now and then every Monday till they are gone. The packaging suggested that so the flowers keep coming.

And it was a super fun mail day...I do love getting mail....and today was my sensor garbage can (yeah!) and shirts for the kids.  My oldest says he has NNNNNNOOOOOO clothes, no short sleeve tshirts he likes so at least he got two in the mail today!

Hope you also have a great productive day!

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