Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 7-Favorite movies

No pictures of movies today because I am being lazy...
My top 2 favorite movies are Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing.
I think both came out when I was in junior high. I remember my mom fast forwarding while Julia and Robert were in the bathtub together (and they are just talking!) and my mom would always come into the living room while I would be watching it (she bought on VCR tape--a used one from video store I think!) when Julia's friend would say: Cinder-&*()$#-Rella!
I haven't seen Dirty Dancing since Patrick died. I do love watching Jennifer Grey on Dancing with the Stars and I can NOT believe she is 50. She was blessed with some great genes (and a doctor for her new nose!)
I wish I had both on dvd.
Korey, are you writing that down? Good Christmas present. Probably free shipping from Amazon too! I can't wait to watch them on Dec 27 (Dec 26 I will be busy shopping!)

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