Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 19-Something you miss

This is easy...first thing that came to my mind....
I miss living in North Shore of MA. I loved the stretch of 95 from Exit 40 to Exit 33. Even now when I drive down there, I get excited.
I miss the Burlington Mall, only 5-15 minutes away...the grocery store 5 minutes away. I loved having restaurants within walking distance instead of the great ones being 25 minute drive away. I miss Morena's pizza. I miss the ice cream store right in downtown, I miss being able to walk around the lake and leaving right from my house to do it.

There are obviously things I don't miss about both places where we lived (McDonald's *right* next door and construction going on at 7am on weekends) but that wasn't the question and...if we still lived down that way, we would be living in a house :o)

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