Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 18-Something you regret

This is going to appear on Thursday but this is my regret from Monday night....
Sean was crying in the middle of hte night. Usually we just cover him up and he goes back to sleep but I noticed he was also wet. He said 'out', I am pretty sure. Cute because he doesn't vocalize unless he really wants something. I got him all changed and then of course he didn't want to go back to his crib.

I took him to our room....that is my regret....he *rarely* sleeps in our room and only wants to cuddle as close as possible to ME! Never Korey! This probably sounds adorable to you...and it is any other time except 2:30am! That lasted till 4am! He also snores loudly *if* he sleeps so I can't even sleep then. Finally Korey got Sean some milk and I found some earplugs and went to sleep and Sean cuddled with Korey :) Needless to say....I am sooo tired!

But Never, Never Take Sean in Our Bed! When will I learn?


Lorraine said...

hilarious....we took him in our bed last night too and again, DUMB!

Meg said...

Think of it this least he's still little and doesn't make a habit of it. My 10 year old manages to wander into my room at least once a month and takes over the entire bed.