Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 16-Dream house

All right...get ready!
**I want a jacuzzi tub in my bathroom...that is nice and big!
**I want a laundry room...not in a bathroom. A big room where I could fold the clothes in there. Still somewhere on the 2nd floor though.
**More land on either side of my house and not see the neighbors across the street but I still want to live in a neighborhood where the kids could bike around. I guess a bit of a conflict.
**I want to live somewhere that has a winter that considers a big snowstorm if it's 2 inches of snow that is gone by the next day.
** I want a kitchen that will fit a kitchen table AND an island where we can all SIT and eat dinner
**In my dream house, I want a terrificly quiet dishwasher and a large fridge.
**An interior designer will have decorated my house
**There is a cook that comes with my kitchen and a maid that comes in to clean.
**How could I forget this...CENTRAL AIR!!!!! So funny to think that when we were looking at new houses, we didn't want to spend the extra $5K on central air. Are you kidding me?!?! It's worth $100K not to have ask Korey several times to move the AC units upstairs and hear him complain he is going to throw out his back! (love ya, KDOG!)
**Big porch like my parents' house
**Inground pool with a jacuzzi outside too!

That's about it. What about YOU?

1 comment:

Keena said...

hmmmm, and I always thought you weren't a fan of my know the one that you can't see the houses across or beside you??? HAHAHAHA!!!
With you on the central air/snowstorms/pool though!!!