Sunday, May 9, 2010

what a nice weekend!

It rained most of the day yesterday and today it's super windy out.....
who cares!

It has been a nice few days with the boys so excited to give me the goodies they created. Patrick made a sunflower at school and also a handprint butterfly---I got those on Thursday because he couldn't wait to give them to me! Also on Thursday, my new pj's arrived---flowers and birds from Pajamagram but the super neat thing is that they have the boys' names on them! Andrew brought home something he made on Friday but he hid it and did a great job at waiting till this morning to give me the cute coupon booklet he made with his picture inside and the outside decorated with the styrofoam stickers.

Today we are off to Korey's family....they are all back from FL. It should be a nice day.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day...especially Pamela who is a new mommy now and LeeAnn who is a mommy-to-be this year.

Thanks Korey and the boys for making this day even more special :o)

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