Saturday, September 26, 2009

help ralphie marino/dj out!

sorry it's all one paragraph but i dont have time to fix it....send an email if you are so inclined.

Hi Friends!!!We cant tell you how THRILLED we are, LeighAnn and I are very, very lucky to have you all in our lives!! If you didn't see this yesterday, take a look...Toddlers paging me (screaming)....gotta run...R and LHello our Dear Friends!!So...everyone wants to know what LeighAnn and I are up to, here it is...As you all know, I was laid off from my morning drive disc jockey job in April, while that saddened me, LeighAnn and I also saw a TREMENDOUS opportunity to do what we have always wanted to do, and that is to get in our RV, and go on a life adventure. And, that is EXACTLY what we are going to do. On August 15th, we are loading up the RV and heading out!!! We will be dropping our daughter off at college, God Bless her, and after that, we are heading WEST!!! If you don't know, LeighAnn and I met in San Diego, CA in 1992, and we have always wanted to get back there, be it to visit, or start a new life. We don't know what will happen, but we are hitting the road to find out, and tour this beautiful country we have to luxury to call our home. There are not many chances in life to do something like this, and while we have the shot..WE ARE GOING FOR IT!!! Now, here's where you all come in. From Savannah to San Diego to Baltimore to Boston, New York, back to Boston, and here to Portsmouth, what have we shared with you, our listeners, our life.And now, we want to share it with America.Here's where you can help.Yesterday, LeighAnn and I send a proposal to Figure 8 Films, the production company that produces "Jon and Kate plus 8", and other series for TLC. For a show we are calling 'SUBURBAN GYPSYS", because that's what we are becoming. We have also pitched other production companies, more info on that forth coming. We want the country to share in our adventure of a lifetime..and we want Figure 8 Films to know you think we would be a great new series for TLC!!!Do you think we would be??We do.If you would, LeighAnn and I would appreciate if you would email them, letting them know how good we would be on the air, sharing our lives and dreams as we tour America in our RV, in search of our new life..Here's the ......EMAIL THEM!! And tell them we would be the next great, loving family to spotlight.We sent a great package, including all of our press articles, and why we would be a good choice.If you think so, email them too... and let them know.In the meantime, we are getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime, and as always, you are all in our thoughts!!!! We love you all!!!God's Blessings to you all,Ralphie and LeighAnn

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