Sunday, September 27, 2009

happy happy

It's our 6th year wedding anniversary today!
A great wife would have a pic of the two of us getting married here....
(just pretend....I was in a beautiful white dress that was at least one size too big for me b/c I lost too much weight--wait, is there ever such a thing...i would kill to look like that now! all those clothes are hanging up in my closet waiting, waiting...I digress...and korey was in a cute tux)

it was a wonderful wedding 6 years ago and then a great honeymoon...on a cruise. so fun. i hope we can go on one again.

then getting prego
and buying a house
and moving
and then baby1
and no more 'working' (haha) for me
and a minivan
(and then dog1 and only)
and then baby2
and (surprise!) baby3 (and surprise! a boy!)
and korey turning 40 (haha)

wow, a lot of happiness in 6 years (well korey might say turning 40 wasnt *that* happy!)

Thanks, Korey :)
Love you!!!


Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary Lorraine and Korey!!

Meg said...

Happy Anniversary to you, Lorraine and Korey!