Wednesday, March 11, 2009


After dropping Michael Phelps's face from their cereal boxes (we can all enjoy breakfast safely now), Kelloggs has now dropped 2 tons of Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes boxes with the pot-smoking swimmer's mug on them at the San Francisco Food Bank.

A spokeswoman for the food bank says, "We do regularly see products with packages that are no longer desirable. Though Kellogg's and their star spokesman hit a patch of rough water, San Francisco's hungry just got thrown a life preserver."

Difficult to come by at a food bank, the cereal apparently flew off the shelves, and employees even stashed a couple of boxes to save as collector's items.

Although we're sure Phelps might have liked all that cereal for himself.
Munchies anyone?


Meg said...

I have a question...has nobody at Kellogg's EVER made a mistake in their lives?? I'm not condoning what Phelps did, but geez, he admitted he made a mistake...

Lorraine said...

i think it is kind of funny that they are donating all the cereal....and even funnier that the food bank workers are taking a box home for a souvenir. you KNOW those are going to wind up on ebay.

Anonymous said...

hi Lorraine, Its your favorate uncle, Eddie spaghetti. What a waste of good ceral. Poor people don't care who's pic is on the box, but fed their kids for free. that food bank director should starve for a month, then see how fast she would eat the cereal.