Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fun week

I am excited....
this Monday, I see my friend 'Robbie' and her daughter.
This Friday I see NYC Stacey (and shop till I drop!)
Two friends that I am lucky if i see once a year but I think it might be 2 years now for both.

Where do you all plan on shopping on or in stores? What deals are you looking for?

Have a great Turkey day!


Jackie said...
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Jackie said...

No shopping for me on Friday. I love to shop but the crowds are too much. We are taking the boys into Boston to the Museum of Science. Have fun and good luck on Friday!

LeeAnn said...

ooohhhhh... a deleted comment.. oohhhhhhhh Im working on Friday. I always do. I never get to go shopping til after. Thats ok all the people are tired so there is hardly anyone there.

Lorraine said...

that is weird. i didnt delete anything. i deleted a whole post but it will appear later today