Saturday, October 4, 2008

Circus Fun!

We went to the circus today ('Bellobration...Bello is pictured above and that is his real hair!); it was fun for the first hour of the show....and then intermission struck. I would have preferred a 75 minute show with no intermission. But when else could they sell $20 and $40 light things and stuffed animals?!?!
I thought the lemonade souvenir cups were $5 based on what I thought I saw people getting back in change. I should have known better...$9 each. Korey had to pull out some more money at the last minute. haha!
Andrew's favorite part was the elephants. Patrick enjoyed taking his shoes off, not sharing popcorn and kicking the guy's seat in front of us!


Katie said...

i'm so jealous!
saw the commercial and wanted to go, figured reese was too young for the loud noises.

was it loud?

Lorraine said...

there were some bangs and pops but that was about it. then there is the orchestra but i didnt think that was over the top loud

if you DO order tix, use the code THANKS b/c you can get 20% off thru oct 5. there were definitely seats available today. i would have gotten the $21 or $25 tix if i did over. (we paid $31 and were seated in row F, section 120 but I think row K-M would have been fine and saved some money)

The Wheeler Family said...

Cool picture!! Sounds like a fun day- minus the expensive circus souveniers. :)I hope those $9 cups make it through the dishwasher okay!

Jackie said...

We went on Thursday night. It was a good show but it could have been a bit shorter. From where we sat it was pretty loud; a bit too loud for Ben at times. I ended up buying $4 lollypops for the kids because that was the cheapest thing there!

We definitely had fun though!

Lorraine said...

funny you said that about the cups laura. they have a big sticker that says 'handwash only' on them.

Keena said...

For 9 bucks I'd be handwashing them!!! Sounds like fun:)