Monday, June 30, 2008

Sharing the Love....

I found this online today! What fun...So spread the love to those you want to!

I will spread to:
1. Mary last person that I thought would have time to have a blog, after taking care of 5 kids all day!

2. Cassie 'long-ago' neighbor' who just won't move back to the cold state of NH (but today was hot!). Andrew even said the other day 'Costas' house'...but I think he did it because he knows I think it's cute when he does that!

3. Joanna... my realtor friend who put up with my dad and Korey and I taking her all over the state of NH to find 'the perfect house' --this lasted 1.5 years I think!

4. Katie ...because she loves stuff like this!

Have fun spreading the love!


Susan Beebe said...

Hey...what about me? I've put up with you for years! :-)

LeeAnn said...

I didnt want your darn love anyway.

Jro said...

See know you've made Susan feel bad and if it weren't for her we'd never have met. I am sending Love to Susan Beebe.
I visited all the sites you gave love to including mine and it looks like I got some blogging to do.

Mary said...

Thanks, I haven't had time to blog that much lately and just saw this!