Thursday, June 26, 2008


(Hi all....major computer issues....too irritating to cite but I will catch up on all your blogs soon...I miss them!)

Why I Blog Questionnaire
Katie tagged me so I don't want to disappoint her so I am doing this while I watch Real World. At the bottom of this entry I will tag three people, who should then tag three more people, and so on. You know the drill.

1. Why did you start a blog? Mary had looked neat even though I said I would never do one--she was the last person to say 'do it' before I did. Dianna's was the first one I actually read and followed.

2. What did/do you hope to accomplish with your blogging? A history of my family and to let folks we know and don't know see what we are up to.

3. Have you found that you don't post as much as you did when you started? I post all the time and probably more now...until I have computer troubles--Circuit City and I are not friends!

4. If yes, why not? Moving on...

5. How important are comments to you? I love me some comments.

6. Do you ever find yourself wishing people would not always leave comments that agree with you? If people bug me with rude comments, I zip them into outerspace!

7. Do you comment on other people's blogs a lot, sometimes, or very little? I hope a lot but probably just sometimes.

8. What determines why you don't post a comment on someone else's blog? If I have something good to say!!!

9. Do you have more than one blog? Where? Nope! One is enough for me!

I now tag the following three bloggers: Corriveau family, LeeAnn and Sarah (put it on your 365 so we can all read though!!!). Just humor me and play along. And frankly I hope you 3 check my blog b/c I can't get to your sites now....

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