Sunday, June 8, 2008

I got a 'crick in my neck'

Before you hit the 'play' button, take your head and bend it to the left.

Have you done it?

Okay, now hit play and see Patrick the 2 year old drive the boat!

(and if you can tell me where that phrase 'crick in my neck' comes from, you will be my blog superstar of the day! leave me a comment and tell me!)


LeeAnn said...

Crick in my neck came from the ass backwards way the video downloaded. I had to turn my neck? nope. I just turned the laptop upright. I didnt get no crick in my neck!!!!!!! Got your pictures today. You want me to answer your questions or are they for the people who are coming to the party? Thanks for the pic of Patrick!!!

Lorraine said...

that is true....move the laptop! haha!
but you are not right about the song, oops i gave a bit of the secret away!