Sunday, June 8, 2008

First Boating Adventure 2008

Grampy and Andrew
Lorraine, Rowan, Onaliese and Patrick
Uncle Brian and Evrett
Grampy, Uncle Greg, Lorraine and Rowan
Patrick and Grampy: look at those smiles!
Andrew and Evrett

We had a GREAT time on the boat today. I was sitting in the boat thinking 'how can get this get any better?' Well then I thought 'well it would be great if Korey was here instead of on a plane on the way to Vegas'!!!!!! We miss you, Korey!


Cassie said...

Tom and Costas drove to LV today. How long will Korey be there?

Keena said...

I hate when Jeff is out of town too!! Looks like a fun time and a great day for a boat ride!

Jro said...

Gotta love the black socks and sneaks on the Danimal!