Sunday, May 18, 2008

You Picked a Fine Time to Visit, Petrini's!!!

My sister Pamela and her husband Cliff came to visit along with my brother Brian and his girlfriend Onaliese. It was great seeing them all and it was great to get the mulch in my yard done, the dirt for my garden picked up and spread and my seeds planted in the garden!!! Perhaps they can come by more often...we have a lot more things to get done in the house next time!

Here is Cliff and the boys...Andrew and Cliff are making silly faces at each other!

Andrew wanted Rexy to wear his sandals...and what a great pic for the Archaic (dinosaur) paper, right scrappy friends?
Pamela and her godchild Patrick
Andrew is helping move the dirt!
Spread that dirt, Petrini's!!!!
Thanks Brian and Cliff especially!!!!
My 'old' garden already has some green bean plants sprouting!


Meg said...

Now THAT is teamwork!!
Congratulations on getting your garden dug in!! Are you finally past your last frost??

Keena said...

Looks like you made a ton of progress...can't wait to see the results:)