Friday, August 10, 2007

Recent Trips, continued..

Our 2nd big trip of the summer was to my sister's wedding. Patrick likes wedding cake!

Andrew is actually dancing which I find hilarious.

My cousin LeeAnn and I...two hot 30 somethings!

I LOVE this picture. Patrick is missing from it but other than that, I love how my sister looks so happy to be around her nieces and nephews.

Rowan and her buddy Patrick

And finally the happy couple!


Dianna said...

Why do YOU get to be skinny after having 2 kids? Not fair!

Anonymous said...

Is this a more adult thing rather then Myspace? Whhoooo Lorraine.. Ok I think that that dress makes me look huge.. I know I have gained some lbs but really not that much! I like your litle blog site.. maybe Ill get one too!

Sarah said...

Great pictures, Lorraine!!