Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Kids Aren't Relegated to Chain Restaurants...

It is unfortunate that the bad parents out there have ruined it for the good parents when it comes to taking kids out to restaurants.

While out at Dante's restaurant tonight at 5:30pm (which I hardly think is 'prime date time') with our family and Korey's' parents, we got the LOOK from a couple seated nears us. If you have kids, you know the look I mean: 'oh, now KIDS are next to us and are going to ruin our meal.'

She just assumed our kids were going to be terrible! Our kids were perfectly fine! I didn't have any issues with them at all. And if we bothered the couple that much, they could have asked to be moved; I watched them and I know they wanted to be but didn't want to ask. I wish they had asked because she was ruining MY experience by making me think my kids were going to be hellians when they, almost always, are well behaved. The funny thing is that I knew this girl from UNH; she was a friend of mine while I was there and even for a year or two after. She may not have recognized me but now I will remember she was the wench that gave us the LOOK.

I am the first to admit when I was single and didn't have kids, I didn't love kids sitting next to us but I gave the parents the benefit of the doubt and hope they would take the noisy kids outside. I only remember two times when the parents didn't do anything while their kids screamed and ran around and it did ruin my meal. But in no way, did my kids ruin anyone's meal tonight!

So those without kids...give the parents the benefit of the doubt...maybe the parents take their kids out to restaurants often and the kids are well behaved and if the kids aren't, then the parents will probably take them outside.

But don't expect me to leave my kids at home everytime we go out to eat, don't assume my kids are the rotten ones or I am one of the rude parents and certainly don't expect no kids at restaurants if you are eating at 5:30pm!


Meg said...

Hear!! Hear!! Isn't it sad how some people automatically assume that if they're sitting beside kids, they'll be horrible?

Katie said...

I didn't know you had a blog but I found the link on Mary's site.
So nice to see pics of your two cute boys!
Love this restaurant rant. I FULLY AGREE.
It's the people with no kids who just don't get it!!!

Katie said...

PS I will be visiting often from now on!

Sommer said...

I love it! So true, and Lexi is usually one of the bad ones that needs to be escorted outside....BUT, you know I take her out.

Anonymous said...

Ok I do not have a new blog site yet, Have no fear one is on the way..

I am responding to your restaraunt rant..... I do not have children. however it aggravates me when I see parents coming out at 8pm for dinner with their kids. Put them to bed! Kids in my opinion are to be in bed at 8, 8:30, or 9pm. Not standing in line at a restaraunt with an hour wait limit. That is when kids get tired. As for taking your kids out at 5:30, I have no problem with that. I always like sitting next to kids I like making faces at them. But that just me. This is LA by the way