Monday, April 1, 2013

Tasty Chocolate......

I received the Smoky Almond Pure Madness bar in the mail from bzz agent recently. They sell them on their website for $8.50. The only chocolate bar I have had with almonds in it is Hershey's so that is all I have to compare it to.

Let me tell you--this is all sorts of fabulousness. If you like Lindt or Godiva--that melt in your mouth delicious chocolate, Pure Madness bars are for you. The almonds are crushed up as well; not big ole chunks like Hershey's--so there are 2 reasons it's better than Hershey's.

The pink packaging is nice as well. They would be great to give to your best girlfriend, aunt, mom, daughters or from your husband/boyfriend.

I wish I had another one of these bars right now to eat!

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