Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Random Thoughts

I was just thinking about all my random thoughts....and they don't really fit on Facebook....so I kept thinking...where could I put them...

Oh right....

my BLOG!!!

So here they are...in no particular order

I am soooooo sick of seeing Kim Kardashian in uber tight clothes...actually I am so sick of seeing Kim K at all! Enough! Are we going to see a pic of her a day now that she is prego?! She is famous for ---nothing!

Is it a slow news day---the Duggars are considering adopting MORE kids? I mean 19 isn't enough (or is it 20--who knows)?! How about getting to know the kids you have, spending more time with them with less of the older kids raising the young ones?? And then if the parents STILL have extra time, they can go see their grandkid(s).

Feels good to get those off my chest. I can't think of any others.

I saw a Funny or Die video with Jim Carrey on Hee-Haw pretending to be Charles Heston. It was worth checking out. Jim's facial expressions always crack me up.

Next post!

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