Saturday, November 26, 2011

saturday slump

i love getting good deals ... so that kind of leads into loving shopping :)
so i did find a great deal on a certain something for a certain boy on turkey night instead of going out to the big store on black friday. yeah me! i was thrilled. i also find some other things on i did one stop to 'local saturday' shopping and need to pick up another thing tomorrow. hoping to find more goodies on cyber monday!

i took the boys to a phineas and ferb live show today. it was a complete surprise to them and they were thrilled when they finally figured out why we were there. the youngest cutie pie stayed home with his daddy and mowed the lawn....he loves to sit with his daddy but this time, he was lulled to sleep!

oooohhhh a week away from a little fun something for us....oh boy!

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