Monday, October 10, 2011

new shows that it is the fall we have plenty of new shows on!
what are you watching?

it's the last season of desperate housewives so i will be watching that every week!
as far as new shows, i started watching pan am which is abt flight attendants in the 60's. i like it so far but i read today it is in the danger of being cancelled already! dang! i do seem to watch the shows that are always in danger of being cancelled!
we like new girl, 2 broke girls for 1/2 hour sitcoms. i am also going to dvr the new tim allen one too.

one show only showed 3 episodes and is already gone: playboy club. i was a bit surprised that it's already gone; i had dvred it but i just erased once it was canned! why bother watching! i did think it was interesting that this show, pan am AND charlie's angels are all set in 60's. although, i am assuming charlie's angels is set in 60's but i am not sure? maybe 70's or maybe it's now and just copying some of the famous episodes.

korey is still watching 2.5 men but i havent heard many laughs from him while watching....and he always laughed at the guy crude humor. i think it might be a last season.

so tell me what you are watching...what you think will be gone quickly...

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