Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Monday

I have plenty of things to do today....downloading pics and uploading to my blog.
We went to NY to see my sister and family. It was great meeting the new baby :) Kids had fun but the worst part....
was driving through VT to realize that all roads I needed to travel on were closed. First we hit a detour and were going to go down some skinny dirt road. All of the sudden, after finding it, we couldn't because a car was on FIRE! then I decided to just go home....but after some renewed directions from *the nicest lady ever in Brattleboro VT* we made our way to Rte 5 ----where we sat and sat and sat with every other person in the state wanting to get the hell out of there! An hour in traffic to go 2-3 miles. Unreal.
We finally made it to NY after 7 hours...should have been around 4.5 hours.

More pics later!

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Jackie said...

Wow! My in-laws are from Vermont and while they fared okay the destruction they told us about is unbelievable. So sad.

My boys are well and enjoying back to school. It should be a good year.