Friday, September 16, 2011

Clever Me

Yesterday I got a free code for a Shutterfly 8x8 hardcover book...well I will take that! I paid $8 in shipping for an adorable book about our trip to Santa's Village. I also got a coupon code for $20 in free cards but I haven't made those (not entirely sure it's a great deal yet).

Then today I had a great Groupon (a site that has great deals) for Picaboo for cards/photobooks/calendars so I got started on calendars and Christmas cards today. I won't tell you what they look like in case some of you want a surprise...although the real surprise is that I don't have a Christmas card list anymore so sending out cards this year will be interesting. (and even if I can find an older copy of Excel spreadsheet, I know have a MacBook. HMM)

Off to movies see The Help. If any of you locals want to come, give me a call or email. There are 7 of us super fun ladies going tonight!


Sarah said...

Numbers will import excel spreadsheets pretty easily. I had no trouble transferring files from my old laptop to my Macbook. Finding the files... that is a different issue!!

Jackie said...

George makes photo books on our Mac for holidays and to remember family vacations. We love looking back at the fun memories!