Sunday, June 5, 2011

Visit to the Cousin, Part 2

We went to a museum before going to a park. Kids loved it.
I told you yesterday there were some pics coming of my middle cutie pie! He and his big brother were doing puppet shows...and he dressed up as a postman!

AJ loves playing with his cousin...his cousin LOVED the boat!

Our youngest needed a little help from his Daddy...he definitely wanted to go down the fire pole after his big brothers do it!

In Jail...let's hope this never happens in the future ;o)

Why would I take a picture of my husband like this? Because he is the Consummate Museum Grouch. If there's a museum, he will hate it!

Happy Boy

The boy who will smile anytime there is a camera!
Stay tuned for the last installment of pictures tomorrow!


LeeAnn said...

Im with Korey I hate Museums too.. They are nothing but Germ infested places that hide Child molesters.. UGH! The pictures are nice though! It looks like you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

LOL !!!!!!!!!! Museum grouch. You never cease to make me laugh. And LeeAnn's comment is pretty darn funny too...