Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer begins at 12:05pm

The summer begins once AJ gets home from his 1/2 day of school! To start off the summer weekend, my husband is off on a guys weekend. Hmmfff! ha! The kids have 2 birthday parties and I have a bridal shower and hopefully strawberry picking and umm haircuts. Phew!

We are going to write down all the things the kids want to do on a posterboard sheet. We did this last year and the kids loved seeing all the activities we had done/were going to do. The kids are already asking when we are going to Santa's Village. AJ already knows the first ride he wants to go on!

My garden is enjoying the Free Water! I just planted my 2nd batch of peas so the rain worked out great for that. I have flowers on my first batch. From the great room, I think I see a flower on one of the yellow squash plants but that hardly seems right so maybe it's just a blown leaf!

Have a great weekend!

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