Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Random Thoughts on Wednesday

Got home later last night after long school board meeting. Always nice to see people there that care about what goes on in the school and want to see it made better. Also nice to hear we will be trailer free for the next 2 only if that addition could come...

Just had a crazy mini storm here...just heard thunder in distance as I got the preschooler out the door and into the car. Got to our neighbor's and it was crazy pouring! Now 1/2 later, all gone, still cloudy.

We are going redneck at our estate. The grass is once again a foot long. I keep watering the areas we are trying to grow grass (which is working!) but it's also helping the 'already there' stuff! ha! Even our neighbors are offering their ride on mowers at this point....we so need one...

I will try to download pics later today of when we went to see my sister and brother in law. The kids loved seeing their cousin.

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Anonymous said...

Our grass is long too! We haven't gotten a mower yet, but paid someone to cut it like three weeks ago.

Stacey B.