Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Hope all the dads out there have a wonderful day...
including (but not limited to)
Korey :)
My Dad
Korey's Dad
My brothers and brother in law

I feel very lucky that I have the bestest dad ever. I admire my dad for being a great dad but also for having to become more nurturing like my mom would have been. I am sure it is hard for some to believe that he can be that way but I assure you, in times he needs to be, he is :)

And I also feel very lucky to have had children with Korey. Often I am told how great a dad Korey is...sometimes by people that don't know him but have heard things I have said or written or by someone who has just seen him interact with our kids. Our kids and those who come into contact with Korey are better for that :)

Here is where I would post some pics....will have to see what I can round up!

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