Tuesday, May 31, 2011

garden talk

as i am writing this, i have a bunch of garden goodies poking through! the peas are 5 inches and the beans are 3 or 4. there are a bunch of weeds too. hmm! wonder who will pick those for me!

korey bought some pumpkin seeds so since i have room in my 2nd garden, I am going to go pop those in and see what we get. in that garden (close to the woods) i have a lot of ferns that pop from the woods into my garden. not sure how to remedy that other than continuing to pick them out.

at the end of fall last year, i buried some of the rotting goards. this year, when i was planted the lettuce, i found a few rotting goards but didnt think too much of the seeds ever sprouting....well what do i know :) i have several goard plants sprouting!

time to plant the pumpkins!

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