Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am a BzzAgent...I get free products in the mail that BzzAgent would like me to try and write reviews about it.

Today I got Maybelline SuperStay24 2-step lipcolor in the mail...4 of them! I am really excited to try them out. Love lipstick that will last for all day. It's a 2 step process---first you put on color which is like a stain, then you the clear gloss over it. You can keep applying the clear gloss any time during the day to spruce it up.

Have you tried this lipcolor before or any other like this? What do you think???


Anonymous said...

Hey Lolo, That style lipstick has been out for awhile. I find that the color dries the lips out so watch out for chapping. I still use it sometime cuz it does last all day!!

Lorraine said...

thanks for the tip. i wonder also if maybelline didnt have their own before this b/c of patents. i know the other company i used, way back when i worked at zcorp (that was 7-8 years ago), was a more expensive brand.
so far i like it; i have only tried one of the colors they sent me