Thursday, February 3, 2011


Once upon a time, Lorraine had a laptop. It broke 3x before Circuit City replaced it. Lorraine got another HP. Just recently that broke. Everything was lost.

So....Lorraine has no computer but luckily got an iTouch for Christmas so she can check email and Facebook and play games and use Facetime.

But the iTouch isn't that easy for making blog pages.

So hopefully there will be a happy ending with a new computer soon!

(Lorraine is taking suggestions for brands/models!)


Sarah said...

LOL, you already know my computer thoughts ;) I hope you are able to find one you like!

On blogging via the touch... I use BlogPress ap to blog from my phone. It was $2.99, but lets me put pictures, video, etc, as well as formatting the blog post. I think you can save a page, too - and upload your pictures/videos to different places (flickr, youtube, etc).

Katie said...

a very happy ending would have had to do with carbonite...
seriously, for $50 a year they remotely back up everything on your computer so you can just transfer it onto all these new ones you are getting. :)

LeeAnn said...

The real question shall be Why in the WORLD are your computers breaking?? Jeez lady.... As far as brands.. Mac is good I hear, BUT it is a totally different program all together... Different everything!!! Ken just got a toshiba, he likes it.. I have a dell I like it... Sorry bout your puter.

sandy said...

You really have bad luck with laptops... We have a Dell and it works well for us... not sure if you want to try that brand.