Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 23 Favorite Vacation

I would have to say that my best vacation was our honeymoon was perfect. We snorkeling with stingrays (if I did this again, I would do it with just fish--the pretty different color ones), scuba dived (although Korey ran out of air and I could only stay under water if instructor was holding me down)....well maybe those don't sound perfect but relaxing at pool, canoeing and swimming in the most blue water, and swimming with dolphins all were :)

Loved eating too and dressing up and spending time with Korey. Loved our balcony room too; it was great to just sit on the balcony!

I did also love going to Disney with Korey and my favorite cousin so long ago before kids....and I also loved seeing Disney through my kids' eyes years later. But...I could definitely go for another kidless cruise!

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