Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 12-What you believe

I believe that my kids are the cutest, funniest, smartest kids ever ;o)
I believe I will *never* regret wanting to stay home to raise my kids.
I believe in getting free shipping for online purchases (and in Ebates!!!!)
I believe I am not a New England girl. I am meant to live in warmth.
I believe I will see my Mom, Grampy, Nonna & Nonno someday.
I believe you can belong to a church but not believe everything they preach.
I believe the best part of most of my days is reading books to the kids.
I believe in the powers of my day planner. If it's not in there, it's not happening!
I believe that kids' naps are a little bit of Heaven.

I believe Korey just rolled his eyes at my beliefs. That's okay. He can come up with his own blog.

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