Tuesday, October 19, 2010


When I was a little girl, I was in Brownies and Girl Scouts. I loved learning things with my troop, singing the songs, doing the Girl Scout Promise. I remember as we got older, the troop learned how to sew and my mom gave me a sewing kit. I remember it was brown; it was probably nothing special but I remember learning how to sew like my mom. She was a huge sewer and crafter....so talented.

I stopped doing Girl Scouts after 6th grade because then it wasn't 'cool' any more but I bet if more of my friends had been doing it, I would have continued. As a junior in high school, I actually helped out with a local troop, as a 'junior leader.' Even then, I knew I wanted to be a Girl Scout leader someday.

Fast forward to 2004...I had Andrew. 2006, I had Patrick and in 2009 I had Sean. All Boys! I guess I won't be a Girl Scout leader but...

I do have a Tiger Cub. And Andrew loves it. He just finished selling his popcorn and he got to the next level for prize so he will get $30 gift certificate to Walmart where if you know him, he will very likely pick out more Legos (and by the way, he is also in the Lego League at school).

And tonight, Andrew will get his first belt loop and also his first beads. The belt loops are kind like Girl Scout badges. They are more involved and concentrated on one subject. The beads are smaller tasks. It's actually a lot of fun earning them because it means that Korey and I get to spend time with just Andrew and he gets to tell us things.

So tonight...the Girl Scout wannabe leader will get to see her baby boy get his first Boy Scout belt loop and beads...and I am excited :)

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You can be a Den Mother!