Wednesday, July 7, 2010

irritations of the day...

I am sitting in a room with an ac cranked on 60 and this room is still only 75....AHHHH

I got my cholesterol test back today and it is high in general but also high in the bad cholesterol. The last time I had this checked was when I was around 20 so clearly I have no idea how long it has been high. I do have an appt for dr later in August (finally) for check-up so we will talk about this then....but of course after reading how why cholesterol is high, I already know why it is high. First my mom's was....and second I don't exercise. And I mean 'don't ever.' But I am still surprised because I don't eat meat either. One more thing to worry about.

One more irritation--IF we ever wanted a pool on this plot of land, we have to have 50 ft on either side. Of course you can guess that clearly we don't or otherwise this wouldn't be an irritation. We would have to go before zoning board and our pool (our 'maybe' pool) wouldn't arrive for a month or more. Hi---summer is over.

Hope it gets cooler soon :(


Stacey said...

I'm sorry about your cholesterol. :( I am another one who 'never' excercises. I should have my numbers checked as well. You can get it under control, though, so try not to worry.

You're thinking above-ground pool?

shannon said...

That's really a bummer about the pool! I'd be so upset. I find it so stupid that when we own a piece of land we can't do anything that we want to on it.