Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hershey Park and Zoo....

We went to Hershey Park and Zoo another day....We met up with Angie and Kenneth; we met them on our honeymoon; they were also on their honeymoon! They had 2 kids that our Patrick and Sean's ages so it was fun seeing them again and their kiddos!

rabbit :) Patrick kept saying 'take a picture, mama....' so i have plenty of pics of animals!

deer or caribou?

red tailed hawk
and snowy owl

Entrance to Zoo America!

Me and Angie...

Korey and the boys on one of the rides we did in the morning...there are more rides after Zoo that I will post another day.

Angie and her boys and Korey and his
The little boy with the basketball shirt is Malachi; the same age as Patrick...I just loved him to pieces. He is so talkative and at one point was walking along the park holding my hand.
Guess I should have been in the above picture instead of Korey but I was sending Korey on that ride. I did my one obligatory 'throw up ride' (going in a circle over and over again)....I stared at the center sign of that ride and luckily wasn't sick! Patrick needed a partner and Korey went with AJ. I think Patrick didn't like that ride either! He doesn't like 'scary' rides at all but Andrew loves roller coasters, etc...funny!

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