Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday but it feels like Sunday

How funny...Korey is teaching AJ how to play Crash Bandicoot on Play Station 2.....he is the same age that Korey's nephew Matt (who is now 16) was when he played.
I can hear AJ it.

We just got back from was cute. I want to see ToyStory3 though! Korey and I are going to finish watching Avatar tonight...not a movie that I would normally watch but I am catching up to the rest of the world

Just another thing from Perez Hilton...
We want Johnny Weir on Dancing With The Stars — and it just might happen!
Johnny reveals:
“I hope [I’m going to do Dancing With the Stars]. I met Karina Smirnoff a few weeks ago and she was like, ‘Johnny, you are the perfect height for me. Let’s dance.’ So…it’s on. I’ve chosen my partner, I’m ready.”
So is Karina up for it? Sounds like it! She adds:
“I’m a big fan of Johnny. His heart, his guts, he’s got balls in every routine and I love that. I think for Dancing With the Stars, you gotta have not only determination, but you gotta have that drama, that deeper side of you, and Johnny has it! I’m rooting for him to be on the next season of Dancing With the Stars.”

How fun....JW would be a lot of fun to watch and obviously he would be good--like his nemesis Evan Lysacek! (You would know Evan was his nemesis if you watched Johnny Be Good...just sayin'!)

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Sarah said...

I want to see Toy Story, too. And funny about AJ and Crash Bandicoot :) My boys are into video games!