Tuesday, June 29, 2010

i am in love....

vacation bible camp....ever heard of it?
i hadn't ever till korey told me he used to go when he was a kid. i guess catholics didnt have this back in my day!

the kids are going again this year to the baptist vbc and i have to say: i am in love! from 8:30 till noon, i have one kid! ONE KID! I have gone walking, exercising, grocery shopping.

i will be enjoying this for 3 more days :o)


Sarah said...

Just wait until the fall. Then it is called PRESCHOOL!! LOL. I had 2 mornings to myself this year... 3 next. What am I going to do with my time, LOL.

Susan Beebe said...

I went to VBC as a kid too and have helped in many in years past. :-) Glad the kids get to go, and that you can enjoy some time with Sean or getting things done. See...church is good for everyone! haha