Monday, February 15, 2010


In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I switched the background....I think I will keep it through Patrick's birthday :o)

I wanted BF2 to be born on St. Patrick's Day and be named due date was March 31 so he would have to come early but alas baby came after March 17 but I still got my wish of naming him Patrick.

My Patrick: sunburns easily (that only makes sense for him to get the Irish, right?), doesn't smile on cue, has the best smile with dimples if you catch him laughing, loves to cuddle if you don't ask him to, has fuzzy hair, looks great with short hair, has changed his mind from Transformers to Cars birthday party and loves Geotrax trains.

***I forgot to say that if a girl friend of mine is over for more than 10 minutes, Patrick will show off for them and want all their attention. Very cute!***

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Stacey said...

aww, this is such a sweet post.