Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Little Things

It really is about the little things that people do....

Over this past week, I had one of my friends volunteer to proofread a document that I wrote that was 12 pages long. I never would have thought when I put that on Facebook, asking for volunteers, that someone would really say YES! How great, it helped me out a LOT.

Then today, I wasn't feeling great and I had kept the kids home from school...just having a lazy day at home but I knew I wanted to get to the library to pick up a new book they were holding for me. I jokingly said on Facebook that the library should have a drop-off service....Wouldn't you know that someone read that, was going by the library, picked up my book and dropped it at my house! How nice is that?

Hmm, maybe I should ask for $10 from people on Facebook and see what people bring me! Or suppers! Or new clothes! Or a new car! This could get good!

Honestly though, it made my days that people were so randomly nice to me :)


Stacey said...

That is very nice....

Why aren't you feeling well? :(

Katie said...

wow, that is nice. sounds like you have some good friends. i love little random acts of kindness. it makes me want to do something nice for someone today.
thanks for the inspiration!