Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snow pics

Taking a rest!
I think it's funny that people have called me to ask if I know the person whose licence plate is on this car ;)

I have been trying to learn about my new camera and one of the MANY settings

it has is a SNOW setting! So I was excited to get outside and try it out. I don't know how much better these pics are than 'auto' or another setting but hey, if it says 'snow' and I see snow, that's the setting I am using!


LeeAnn said...

The snow setting allows your picture to be taken without the glare from the snow. You get a better picture.. Patrick kills me in that first picture... He reminds me of Ralphies brother in A Christmas Story all bundled up.. hahahahahha

Sarah said...

Love the pictures! Looks like the kids are having fun (and I notice a big difference in the pics from your new camera). Are you enjoying it?