Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's Snow Fun!

I think the kids were playing with K'Nex? Patrick and Uncle Brian

The two apple trees....

Catching snowflakes
The boys found the grapefruits my dad throws off his porch....

Miss Maddie...she WANTED to go outside and shovel!

That piece is MINE, all mine!

Me and the girls

My dad and his grandbabies

Here are the pics of Monday's adventures in the snow.....the boys and all their cousins. It was a great time seeing Maddie and also Rowan and Evrett. Andrew follows Evrett around and wants to play with only him...and then you see Patrick chasing after them as well...and they do let him play :) Rowan will come up to them as well but then they all find another game to play. It's funny to watch. Miss Maddie is growing up so much; such a nice and pretty girl.

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